Very few places have smart energy meters that too based on cellular RF which is not available in most countries. To tackle this I plan to make  a smart energy meter that logs the power consumption over a day and sends it to the consumer at the end of the day and the supplier at the  end of the month. The consumer may also tweak the settings through an app to receive notifications more often. In case of a power cut or a fall in the supply, the consumer and the supplier are immediately informed. ALso, for an industrial client the quality of power is also monitored (for example if lot of reactive power is being drawn) and the user is accordingly notified.
The logs and notifications would be routed to the AWS cloud through a WiFi network at the site from where it would be sent to a webservice that intterfaces with an app for control and monitoring by supplier and consumer

ThePSoC 6 Pioneer kit serves as the chief data logger for the power values which are probed continually for faults. If a fault is detected the supplier and consumer are informed. At day end, the consumer is informed about the power consumed and certain quality parameters like reactive power, load etc. At the end of the month, the supplier is also informed about the same. All the data is sent to the AWS cloud where it can be visualised by the supplier and the client. 
A webservice made on NodeRed serves as an intermediary and coordinates all the tasks. It gives the user visual feedback about the power consumption based on AWS IoT COre Analytics and also helps supplier understand geographical consumption by making use of data analysis tools AWS DynamoDB offers.

The benefits of the project are-
- Data analysis of power helps save power
- Billing procedure becomes easier
- Understanding demographic variation in consumption is easier
- Power failures are dealt with automatically.

Hardware componenets used 
- PSoC 6 Wifi/BT Pioneer kit
- ENergy meter
- Smartphone for app

- NodeRed
- WICED Studio
- Android Studio

Who am I
I am a research student(Phd) at IIT Kharagpur and an IoT fanatic. I spend my time in research projects related to DSP or hybrid vehicles. I am extremely interested in tinkering and playing around with stuff since a tender age.
I have made several projects based on NRF BLE boards in the past. I got to know about Hackadayrecently and want to use this lockdown to participate inn many such contests and contribute to the community.