Part No. BSM20GP60 (IGBT- Module)

IGBT-Module BSM20GP60 is a high quality Insulated-gate bipolar transistor for high current applications, manufactured by EUPEC. The module has both Transistor Rectifier and Diode Rectifier along with a brake-chopper of both types to protect your expensive appliance. High quality Solid State IGBT Module is best option for inverter, converter and power supply application for electronic devices such as motor-controllers, UPS and Solar Power Converters. BSM20GP60 provides thermal protection of maximum 150° C with operating temperature ranging from -40° C to 125° C. Also, it provides protection against electrical stress, humidity, and contamination with CTI of ‘225’.

BSM20GP60 comprise of Transistor Inverter and Diode Inverter with DC-Collector current and forward-current of 20A at case temperature of 80° C.

Following are nominal values for the module;

Common usage of BSM20GP60 is in high current Motor-controllers, Hybrid Power Inverters and also used as protection modules for the circuits with low-saturation voltage i.e. for high speed switching.

Following is the example of use of BSM20GP60 in 3P Motor Driver Circuit;