To get as much information as possible regarding the performance of the sensors at different temperatures, it is necessary to place them outside where the thermal excursion is considerable. Therefore it would be interesting to connect them all to a Cypress development board powered by a power bank or solar panel. The board should be in a location where it can connect to your home WiFi modem. 

The data would then be sent to AWS servers via MQTT. Subscribed to the same topic there should be a second Cypress development board which collects the data and also shows it on the epaper display.

In addition, a web page should allow for easier viewing of data from a computer or smartphone.

  1. What planet-changing IoT project do you want to build?  
    The one just described. I realize that it is not a project capable of changing the planet but it is an interesting study made possible by the numerous features provided by PSoC 6 (Wi-Fi, low consumption, analog GPIO and digital transmission protocols), AWS IoT and by the kit (epaper).
  2. Which Cypress PSoC® 6 Dev Kit would you like to use for the project and why? (you can use multiple kits)
    The first choice falls on PSoC 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit due to the presence of the epaper display but since in my project it is also necessary to use a second development board, if it were possible I would prefer to have both choices.
  3. How will you use AWS IoT or other cloud services in your project? 
    In the past I have used the services made available by Azure and Node-Red but I have no problems learning how to use AWS services. 
  4. What is your experience level with embedded IoT design? 
    I am currently studying Electronic Engineering for the Internet of Things (master's degree) and I learned to program microcontrollers 7 years ago. In the past I have already had to build a cloud system as a university exam project: