Short overview:

  • Vacuum chamber built from a plexiglass tube, 3D printed parts and aluminum profile
  • The inner framework supports the chamber from the inside
  • Pressure sensor is designed to keep the pressure in the chamber regulated using a pump
  • Connection using pneumatic connections
  • This is a tool to assist at building the "Nerdiskerator" (a 3D printed disk-generator): and therefore also WinDIY (a 3D printable HAWT Wind turbine):

For what?
Admittedly, a vacuum chamber is really not often needed. (At least not for me) But with one of my projects the Nerdiskerator - a 3D printed disk generator - I had the problem that air was trapped in the epoxy when casting components.

If you are interested you can read the details about it here in the relevant project log:

Unfortunately my search for a suitable and not too expensive vacuum chamber was unsuccessful. That's why I decided to just build my own. :)


  • Set up test circuit to test reading of the pressure sensor and control of the pump: pending
  • Implement and test PID control of the air pressure in the chamber: pending
  • Design circuit board for control electronics: pending