i turned a JLX Overdrive into a small lawnmover with high power. And this is how i have done it:

First of all the original remote control of the rc car was lost. So i took my old Fly Sky controller.

I read in the PWM signal from the receiver with an ESP32 board. Than some mathematics remap the signal to control the DC motors of the car with a monster motor shield.

The behaviour is similar to a tank with a separat left and right moving track.

After this i mounted a cheap brushless motor to the bottom of the car. The controller is direct connected to the receivers PWM signal so i can direct control the speed of the motor.

Durability of the Motor:

i use the system for two years now... if it fails i will remove it with another cheap one

Advantages of the BLDC Controller:

Normally they are used for drones. One characteristics is that they need a specific start procedure to run. This increases the safety. If the blade hit a obstacle the controller have a integrated overload detection (or speed detection) so it will stop direct to avoid damages. After running the start sequence it will direct start