Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

Dispenses few ml of liquid sanitiser with the help of submersible motor on sensing hand (obstacle detection) using IR module

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This project allows the user to get sanitiser without touching any part of the sanitiser bottle or any buttons. It dispenses few ml of liquid sanitiser with the help of submersible motor on sensing hand (obstacle detection) using IR module.

Important points about the project :
1. IR module is used to detect hand
2. A submersible DC motor pump (5V, 180mA) is used to pump the sanitiser.
3. Arduino UNO board is used to control the dispenser.
4. ULN 2003A module is used to drive the DC motor.
5. Two IR modules are provided to avoid unintentional trigger. However, I ended up using only one.

Current Status
This project is working fine with water. I have ordered a plastic container to hold the sanitiser.
I am planning to use the copper straw as a tube to dispense the sanitiser. I will upload more pics once the entire unit is ready. Also plan to miniaturise it in the future.


Code for ATTiny85 Based ASD Implementation

x-arduino - 2.96 kB - 08/02/2020 at 02:34



Arduino Uno Sketch For Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

x-arduino - 3.42 kB - 07/09/2020 at 20:41


  • 1 × Arduino Uno Board Microcontroller Development Board
  • 1 × ULN2003A Module DC Motor Driver
  • 2 × IR Module IR Transmitter & IR Receiver with on board LM393 comparator (with sensitivity adjustment). Only 1 is mandatory. The second sensor module is optional.
  • 1 × Small Breadboard
  • 1 × Wires

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Martin wrote 07/13/2020 at 08:41 point

Why did you use the 7 channel ULN2003 for the motor? For just one motor with single direction operation  a simple small NPN transistor or MOSFET ( with a resistor or 2) is enough.

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Tushar wrote 07/13/2020 at 09:27 point

You are right Martin. However, I had these modules available and they just had to be connected with wires (no soldering). So used it temporarily just to see it work. I am planning to reduce this circuit by using ATTiny85, connect IR LEDS to micro directly and use internal comparator / ADC & an external transistor to switch the motor. Thanks for your suggestion though. Keep providing your inputs.

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