• Haptic Feedback

    Animesh Chattopadhyay08/04/2020 at 06:13 0 comments

    Its hard to operate a multi functional input device without proper feedback to indicate the acknowledgement of each input. To ensure the a better experience I added a flat coin vibrator motor to the mask attachment.

  • Final design and expectations...

    Animesh Chattopadhyay08/02/2020 at 22:54 0 comments

    Waiting for the Bluetooth Low Energy chip Ti CC2540 to arrive. This SoC has an onboard controller based on 8051, hence no need of additional microcontrollers, and also can be powered from just a button cell preferably CR2032. Designing a 3D enclosure with Neodymium magnet based easy attachment in mind. Any contribution or involvement is welcome. Suggestions for design improvements are appreciated.

  • Use of 433Mhz tx with attiny

    Animesh Chattopadhyay08/02/2020 at 22:47 0 comments

    A different approach was tried to keep the form factor of the mask attachment prototype small. This way it was split into two parts: One with Attitny piezo transducer CR2032 cell and 433Mhz Tx latched with Neodymium onto the mask;

    the other part acted as a base station with 433MHz Rx connected to ESP32 which connects in Bluetooth HID to the Phone. Fairly usable prototype from the form factor point of view of the mask attachment.

  • Funtional Prototype based on HC-05 RN-42 Firmware

    Animesh Chattopadhyay08/02/2020 at 22:41 1 comment

    Had to use available stuff and salvaged piezo buzzer disk; in the pandemic time parts sourcing is troublesome! HC-05 lacks HID hence used the RN-42 firmware flashed it onto HC-05.