The N Channel MOSFET SUV90N06-05 is an optimum 175 Degrees Celsius power electronic switching circuit element. It is used for the isolated DC/DC power converters and a wide range of industrial applications. In addition to the quality reliable and effective thermal resistance absolute maximum ratings it also shows typical characteristics. So the modulation and primary side switch technology of saturation voltage SUV90N06-05 is compatible and effective. 

utsource SUV90N06-05 Power Transistor 

The high source voltage regulation and saturation power absolute maximum rating of SUV90N06-05 shows good electrical and thermal properties which are used for high load voltage power applications. The optimum temperature of the transistor is marked at 175 degrees Celsius. 

Key Features of SUV90N06-05: 

  1. Power MOSFET technology 
  2. The junction temperature is 175 Degrees Celsius 
  3. Shows absolute maximum ratings 
  4. The electrical and thermal properties are configured  
  5. It is PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) optimised 

Pinout configuration and top view layout of SUV90N06-05: 

The pinout configuration and layout of SUV90N06-05 is shown in the figure below with N-Channel MOSFET 

SUV90N06-05 N-Channel MOSFET

The pinning information of the IC is shown in the figure below with 3 terminal pinout configuration gate, source and drain. 

SUV90N06-05 Pinout Configuration

Pin number 

Pin name 

Pin description

Pin 1 

Source pin 

The source pin for the voltage regulation at high potential 

Pin 2

Gate pin 

Gate is neutral base power pin 

Pin 3

Drain pin 

Drain is the input pin of SUV90N06-05

This is the basic pinning information of SUV90N06-05 with respective terminal and layout specifications. 

Applications of SUV90N06-05: 

As shown in the figure below it is used in the bi-directional DC to DC power converters. In addition to these it also finds numerous application in electronics and engineering applications 

SUV90N06-05 DC/DC Converters 

  1. Use in DC to DC power converters 
  2. Isolated DC machines 
  3. Primary side switch applications 

SUV90N06-05 Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary:

If you are unable to find the integrated Circuit chip SUV90N06-05 then you can also use the substitute, replacement or an alternative of the IC SUV90N06-05 which shows similar thermal, electrical and ratings characteristics of SUV90N06-05. 

The replacement of SUV90N06-05 is FQP30N06L

Equivalent Part Number of SUV90N06-05: 

The equivalent part number of SUV90N06-05 is FQP30N06


The integrated circuit chip SUV90N06-05 is extensively used in a wide range of power applications and converter switching circuits. It is highly optimised with isolated power primary side switch. It is highly reliable and effective because these properties find applications in a wide range of electronics and engineering applications too.