I have one of these old air conditioners, which they don't have WiFi, but I want to be able to control it from the internet. Buying one or modifying the current one is not something I want and for that reason, I decided to make a simple circuit that plugs in the power socket and acts as an AC remote.

First I test everything on a breadboard.

A couple of words about decoding the AC remote controller: In the beginning, I try to record a couple of commands like "Turn on, Set mode to cool and Temp 22" and decode it, but it didn't work well.

So I search for some library and found one that works perfectly "IRremoteESP8266".It has many brands and it is very easy to use.

After I was assure that everything is OK, I made the first version of the controller.

I used this controller for about 2 years and it works absolutely 100%, but I didn't like the fact that the PCB is built from spare parts that I was having back then and decide to make a new version and purchase PCB from some manufacturer. But because I was in hurry for another project I honestly didn't pay too much attention and I made some mistakes while designing the new PCB.

The first problem with the new design was the IR Led I used. It was SMD and it has no power to transmit signal in distance over 1m (my power outlet is 1.5m from the AC). So I change that with 5mm IR led and it works. The other issue is - I forgot to add a trace for one resistor 😱. But after these fixes, everything is working fine.

I have an idea for a new version of the project, where no traces are missing at the final PCB, add some led indicator, etc., but for now, this controller will do the job.