The software that runs the TurtlePlotBot is modular and includes the turtleplot module. The turtleplot module contains the methods needed to turn turtle graphics commands into simple movements. You can use the turtleplot module run your own robot using different hardware without having to write all the python code for each of the turtle graphics commands.

A TurtlePlotBot is built from 3D Printed Parts (Printing Instructions), a pair of 28BYJ-48 stepper motors and uses a MG90S mini servo to lift and lower the pen used for drawing.

An ESP-32 Based Microcontroller module with a 240x135 TFTLCD display running MicroPython is paired with the ESP32 DrawBot Board to provide the interface circuitry needed to run a pair of stepper motors, a servo, and includes a five way switch for user input. The TurtlePlotBot has Wifi capability allowing it to be controlled and programmed wirelessly from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

A menu system provides an easy way to configure the TurtlePlotBot, connect to or create a Wifi access point as well as running TurtlePlotBot MicroPython programs without the use of a computer or another device.