Teensy 4.1 CNC Controller

Teensy 4.1 based 5 Axis, Ethernet CNC controller running grblHAL.

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Teensy 4.1 Breakout Board for grblHAL Motion Controller SW. Supports up to 5 Axes, VFD Spindles (0-10V, PWM, Relay), Dust Extraction Relay ganged to Spindle, Independent control of Dust Extractor (for later clean up), I2C and Serial connections, Can directly drive 7 relays including Spindle, Dust Extractor, Flood coolant, mist coolant and 3 auxiliary relays. Interface is via USB or Ethernet. Screw terminals for reliable connections.

Designed for grblHAL, a 32-bit version of the classic Grbl motion controller. grblHAL runs on a number of 32-bit microcontrollers including iMXRT1062 (Teensy 4.x), STM32 (blue and black pill), ESP32, SAM (Due and MKRZERO) and TI 432. It supports high stepping rates. I spec my board for 160 KHz but bare grblHAL can produce up to 400KHz. Highly modular, it is easy to configure. It is definitely not your father's Grbl!

This is currently running in a number of CNC machines. The photos show an entry level CNC machine with a 300x300mm work envelope

T41U5XBB v207.pdf

User manual including assembly instructions and BOM.

Adobe Portable Document Format - 7.62 MB - 10/05/2020 at 05:11


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