Muscle electrical stimulator for force feedback in Virtual Reality

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This is a neurointerface for force feedback in Virtual Reality. I use esp32 and OSC protocol to generate real life sensations. So it is a real neurointerface :) because it stimulates muscles via nerves!
And if you don't need VR it can be a great device for experiments in muscle stimulation area.

This project on proof of concept stage now. I can grab virtual boxes with LeapMotion and make LED on the board glow with certain color.

I make streams on sundays with process of developing, but they are not too exiting :)))   

You can see how it works now. Interesting part starts from 18:30 

  • 1 × ESP32 MCU
  • 1 × ST7789 Display

  • PWM difficulties

    deluxe8712/10/2020 at 12:12 0 comments

    Now I stuck with PWM generation on ESP32.  I need to generete a complementary or inverted PWM in order to drive H-bridge. I've already got that i need to use mcpwm module inside esp32, but i can't figure out what settings i should use. 

    As fa as i get it I should use 2 operators, for example operator - 0 and operator 1, and take one signal from PWM0A and another signal from PWM1A. Or maybe I'm wrong. Hope I will find it on this weekend.

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