• Pre-experiment status

    bhahaj12/10/2020 at 16:35 0 comments

    Somewhere in the pictures you'll find my little weed garden, its winter here so it will be a while before they bud.... but they are autoflowering, so it won't be that long. To bring the knowledge base up to par, curing weed is all about getting rid of the sugar. If you dry too much, the plant dies and stops converting sugar, dry too little, and mold will grow in the jars. This can be accomplished many ways, but none of them actually knows when the plant dies! So I will be killing the rose you see in the picture!! To measure when it dies, I will save the change in O2 concentration in the vacuum chamber to EEPROM, once it stops consuming oxygen the readings from the O2 sensor will stabilize and we will know what moisture conent we should hold the buds at. 

    Right now, for these pre-experiments, I'm going to wait to publish a complete version that any sophisticated pot head can print on his 3d printer and set up for his grow.