(Funny) Audio spectrum by colors

An Internet Radio receiver based on ESP32 (D1 Mini), a DAC and two 12 LEDs rings showing "real time" audio spectrum by colors.

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The Audio Spectrum is displayed by colors using two WS2812 12 LEDs rings.The Audio and Internet Radio is forked from added the following features. A local web server with two pages (one to change the WIFI credentials and the other one to set up to 5 different internet radio stations). A button to go to the next radio station. Have a look at the video

See details, C++ source code and schematics on Github at

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    ​First of all, collect the components.

    The ESP32 and the PCM5102A I2S DAC are mandatory. 

    Add the audio amplifier and the loudspeakers if you want to listen music without any other device (headset, your home audio device, ...)

    Add the two WS2812B 12 LEDs rings (strongly suggested) if you want to see the colored real time audio spectrum. I hope this is the reason why you are builiding this.

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    Assemble the boards as described in the schematic
    I don't suggest to solder wires to the boards (as I did). Do it only if you feel pretty sure of what you are doing (You risk to damage the PCBs and/or the electronic components). As an alternative you could use connectors and jumpers. 

    See the details for glueing and soldering the LEDs ring at the next step.

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    Glueing and soldering the WS2812B 12 LEDs ring

    Glue the ring to the plastic yellow shield. Do some attempts to set the loudspeaker on place and check that the 3 wires (DI, GND and Vcc) don't push the loudspeaker cone.

    To avoid any problem, I made the three 1mm holes as you can see in this picture

    Before pushing the boards into the loudspeaker box, check if everything works correctly loading the Software.

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