• Some Worldbuilding

    Raphael01/25/2021 at 12:23 0 comments

    Within the hexpunk universe of the Pentacle, in the year 20XX, HexSoft Cybernetics is a leading, established manufacturer of reliable, workaday mundane/occult interfacing technology. They produce ICs, serial and parallel protocol specifications, and prototyping and development boards for both amateur witches and leading manufacturers. But the Pentacle is something special, and a step above HexSoft's everyday offerings. The Pentacle is a direct response to the success of HexSoft's rival Occult Integrated Devices' offering, the OID Circle C-601, a luggable, wireless occult interfacing suite which has become a mainstay in offices and boardrooms around the globe.

    The Pentacle offers something different - a powerful, slimmed-down set of occult interfacing tools in a package no larger than a notebook. Where the Circle needs a power supply and weighs as much as a small goblin, the Pentacle is fully battery powered. Moreover, while the Circle only has a single screen running Hexix, the Pentacle offers two screens - a 4" full color screen with a full Hexix interface, and a small monochrome OLED screen providing an immediate readout of key occult data from the local environment and some vital witchcraft tools, including a single-card and single-rune divination generator.

    Due to its ease of use and compact size, since its introduction last quarter, the Pentacle has become the go-to device for all occult operatives in the field, in the office, and even at home. Welcome the HexSoft revolution into your coven today!