A Supercap power backup solution for small devices. Small being relative, depending on the size of the cap ;)

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A storage capacitor or capacitor bank backup regulator designed to efficiently transfer power between a storage element and a system supply rail in reversible buck and boost operations using the same inductor.
The board is basically the circuit in the datasheet with 2 parallel resistors in the feedback loop to easily support 3.3V and 5V rails.

When the main supply is present and above theminimum system supply voltage, the regulator operates in buck mode and charges the storage element at up to500mA peak inductor current. Once the storage element is charged, the circuit draws only 2.5μA of current while it maintains the super capacitor or other storage element in its ready state. When the main supply is removed, the regulator operates in boost mode and prevents the system from dropping below the minimum operating voltage, discharging the storage element at up to 2.5A peak inductor current.

The MAX38888 is externally programmable for minimum and maximum voltage of the storage element, such as super capacitor, minimum system voltage, and maximum charge and discharge currents.

  • 1 × MAX38888 Bi-dir Buck-Boost Regulator

  • Reverse voltage protection

    MagicWolfi02/08/2021 at 20:23 0 comments

    Note to self: 

    1) Linear regulators must be protected against reverse voltage through a Schottky diode in the antiparallel configuration (output to input) or a diode before the regulator (bad).

    2) Do switching regulators need protection too?

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