I2C is a popular data bus to communicate with inter-board peripherals. Today I2C based chips and modules are widely available in many categories, including data storage, ADC/DAC, I/O Expanders, sensors, etc.

The I2C master mode emulator allows communication with I2C devices by sending or receiving data to/from the I2C bus. To issue the I2C commands, the emulator should connect to a PC over the USB port. After initializing the emulator, the PC and directly control the I2C slave chip/module.

This emulator is base on ATmega16A MCU. The USB communication channel is develop using the V-USB firmware.

To simplify the assembly, the PCB of this emulator is designed on a single-side board. The dimensions of the PCB are 96.77mm × 110.73mm. All the parts used in this project are through-hole-type, generally available components.

This emulator needs an external power supply, and the recommended supply voltage is between 12V - 15V.

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