Dilshan Jayakody

Hello, I'm an embedded systems engineer, amateur radio operator, and amateur astronomer.

Maharagama, Sri Lanka
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Things I've Built

Audio amplifier with PLL synthesized FM radio

This is high quality stereo audio amplifier with PLL synthesized FM radio receiver based on ATmega32A, TT502 (TEA5767) stereo FM radio module, PT2314 audio processor and μPC2002 audio power amplifier.

Optically controlled servo motor

This is demonstration project to control servo motor movement using physical marker and normal video camera. In this project video camera capture the movements of marker and calculate servo's rotation angle based on that marker movement.

Low cost DC millivolt source

Cheap DC millivolt source based on commonly available LM308 precision operational amplifier, ICL8069 low voltage reference and 78L05 voltage regulator ICs.

Homebrew Audio Signal Generator

ICL8038 base AF signal generator with inverting and non-inverting outputs.

Two transistor superheterodyne shortwave receiver

This is two transistor and two IF transformer based superheterodyne receiver which is designed to receive 13m to 41m bands. With quiet good external antenna this receiver performs similar to commercially available shortwave receiver.

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MC68000 Computer


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massoud wrote 09/01/2022 at 05:03 point

Hello Dilshan,

I am very interested to build the Arduino Telephone Caller ID Unit! Could you please tell me where I can purchase the HT9032D Module PCB, and the Parts and components Required to Build the Caller ID Unit.

Your help greatly appreciated,

Massoud Sabet


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