Adding wireless charging to a gaming headset.

I bought a headset that needed a USB connection to recharge. I didn't care for this as I always forgot so I modified it to charge wirelessly

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I picked up a set of Turtle Beaches model Recon 200s for their built in sound amplification to better enjoy my Xbox. A built in sound amp means there is also a battery and that battery needs to be recharged. This headset uses a micro USB port to recharge but I kept forgetting to plug them in. Naturally I decided to take a wireless charging receiver, epoxy it on top of the headband and tap the output of that receiver into the charge input of the headset.

With the wireless charging receiver in place the next step was to make a wireless charger holder that will hold a wireless charging pad and act as a headset holder when not in use. When the headset is hung up after using the wireless charger transmitter will align with the receiver on the headset and allow for charging automatically!

The headset holder/charger was made using a 3d printer. Since I'm still new to designing things in this format I made it in pieces and assembled it using super glue and epoxy.

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Nunya wrote 05/28/2021 at 04:26 point

Would you be able to kindly list the details of the "wireless charging receiver" and possibly share the STL files for your print?
I would like to replicate this as it's a great idea for practically any wireless over/on ear headset

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