Vo-LUM Control

Using Arduino Leonardo HID Control MAC/PC (No Drivers Required)

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Vo-LUM is a simple to assemble USB HID Controller that does one simple task. I controls the Volume of you MAC or PC for those annoying instances of people yelling into there Zoom Mic.

Vo-LUM works of of a Atmega32u4 MCU and uses the Arduino Leonardo Firmware to emulate a Keyboard for Media Functions. Usb controlled are available for purchase but are usually Plastic and Light. Vo-LUM is composed of mostly Concrete at approximately 2 Pounds in weight when fully assembled.

Working on a Mac (No Drivers)
Working on a Mac (No Drivers)
Working on a PC (No Drivers)
Working on a PC (No Drivers)
CAD File Downloads
CAD File Downloads
Arduino Code Download
Arduino Code Download
Gerber Files (JLBPCB)
Gerber Files (JLBPCB)


STL Files

x-zip-compressed - 3.40 MB - 07/19/2021 at 04:59




ino - 6.37 kB - 07/19/2021 at 04:44


Adobe Portable Document Format - 52.13 kB - 07/19/2021 at 04:12


Adobe Portable Document Format - 420.54 kB - 07/17/2021 at 18:37


x-zip-compressed - 409.97 kB - 07/17/2021 at 18:35


  • 1 × 100nF (0805)
  • 14 × 1uF (0805)
  • 1 × 100k (0805)
  • 1 × 10k (0805)
  • 1 × 1k (0805)

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  • Putting it all together

    John Loeffler07/16/2021 at 16:40 0 comments

    Assembly is easy Simple Fasten base 3d printed part to the assembled board and place the 3d Printed Knob  and Concrete knob on top.   Once assemble and 

  • Creating the concrete mold

    John Loeffler07/16/2021 at 14:21 0 comments

    My initial design used just 3d printed PLA to act as a concrete mold.   While this was a good Idea I soon found out that Concrete and Grout Stick to everything and are difficult to separate.   To remedy this I decided to go with making a silicone master mold.   

    To do this I start out with making a PLA version of the Knob with a PLA Ring to act as a mold box

    Once printed I spray painted using several coats of High Fill Primer and sand the Knob down for a smooth finish.

    I then poured Moldstar 30  Silicone into the cast.    I waited 2 days for a full cure. 

    Once demoted simply pour concrete and wait 1 day for concrete to cure.

  • Boards Are in​

    John Loeffler07/02/2021 at 05:24 0 comments

    Boards Are in Ready for assemble

    I use Hot Air and Solder Paste to reflow the board.  

  • Concept

    John Loeffler06/03/2021 at 04:21 0 comments

    The concept of Vo-LUM is to crate a HID Controller based of the Arduino Leonardo (Atmega32u4). 


    1) Universally Control the Volume and Mute function on both Mac and PC (no Drivers)

    2) Addressable LED to illuminate base of control knob.

    3) Be hefty (Approximately 1-2 Pounds)

    4) Completely USB Powered

    5) Easy to duplicate and Program

    //------------------Extended Goals-----------------

    7) USB TypeC Interface

    6) Integrate IMU / Compass for added functionality

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