PCB for HandWired Keyboards

Ergonomic typing, back in style

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With these PCBs you can build your dream keyboard, now with lights!
thanks to the tiny size, this feature is included in any exotic DIY keyboard models like manuform

This project provides to handwired keyboards a support to have underglow keycaps. PCBs was designed for keyboard with different form factors, for example: dactyl manuform. Its geometry makes makers hard to desing flexible PCBs, and them could be available only for some kind of dactyl manuform. These 15mmx15mm PCBs are near to size of a keyboard Switch, so there can be placed in any custom keyboard, if a switch fits, a PCB will do it so, this is suitable for customizable keyboards. Every PCB was designed with a LED neopixel, 100nF capacitor and a 1n4148 diode.

PCB Gerber Files to upload and order to your PCB manufacturing service

Zip Archive - 17.61 kB - 07/18/2021 at 11:25


Entire kicad project

Zip Archive - 256.24 kB - 06/02/2021 at 22:57



BOM with links of all components

spreadsheet - 14.09 kB - 06/02/2021 at 22:57


  • 62 × PCB Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components
  • 62 × SK6812 4020 Electronic Components
  • 62 × Diodoe 1n4148
  • 62 × 100nF Capacitor
  • 2 × Arduino Pro Micro

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