Acrylic led matrix

A led matrix that can be seen through and can be viewed both sides

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This led matrix uses individually addressable RGB led strips wide only 4mm and a distance between the LEDs of 16.6mm.
On top of each LED there is a square piece of clear acrylic that accommodate the LED strip and shines the light on its sides. Each pixels has its isolated square piece of acrylic and this prevents the light to diffuse to the nearby pixel.
The led strip is driven by Arduino loaded with the Glediator sketch slightly modified and driven by a Python program on the PC that i am currently developing.

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    Step 1

    The body is made of 3 layers of clear acrylic 6 mm each.

    The middle layer host the LED strips and the square parts that diffuse the LEDs lights.

    The plastic is cut using a CNC router. A V shaped drill bit is used to score the clear acrylic to diffuse the lights from the LEDS.

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ashikur806 wrote 08/10/2021 at 07:41 point

Hi, Looks intereting project to me and I would like to build one myself. Can you please, share the code and more building detail.

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