The trick here seems to be in finding the correct electrolyte, and I don't know enough yet to have gotten far with this (I have a ridiculously busy life right now, haven't had nearly enough time to research and experiment.). Using different chemicals produces different colors from the copper oxide, green, blue, purple and maybe more should be possible, though they must all reduce back to clean copper to be effective (or perhaps oxidize black instead?). Other metals should work too, black/red or silver/red combinations should be possible with iron (think baling wire), maybe zinc for white. With enough R&D a full color display should theoretically be possible. The downside? Likely a painfully slow refresh rate, and from the little I know of such things, I suspect this part will be difficult to overcome. Thus the name "Readocs", I see this as being closer to eink type displays than any other display type, and will likely fill a similar niche if they are ever produced. I'm also not sure on the power consumption here, the diffused liquid pixels aren't likely to be a low power way to go. Of course as I previously mentioned, I know little about the aspects of electrochemistry that govern such an idea, so I'm hoping I'm wrong. The oops that gave me the idea was of the dispersed in liquid pixel type, and what I see in my minds eye of the capabilities for that type, would be quite a beautiful display indeed.