X printer V2

Portable CoreXY 3D printer
- lighter, more compact than V1

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This is the second version of a foldable 3D printer with scissor lift design. See the first version here

The dimensions of the printer (folded) are 316x260x60mm (XYZ).
It is modeled in FreeCAD. Later the files will be published on github.

The first version proved the feasibility of such a 3D printer design, but still had some design flaws in it. V1 can print with a good quality but the Z-homing accuracy is very poor that is why starting a print is always difficult. Another Problem is that

one scissor lift (left/right) could be pushed down with ease (when the printer is in a relatively tightly folded position), so that the parallelism of the X-axis to the bed is not longer given. This happens because of the  large force ratio with which in general a scissor lift comes. In the previous build, the two lifts were connected by one arm and the arm was moved by the ball screw. This arm easily twisted when an uneven force on the lifts were applied, so that the left and right lifts have different heights --> results in a tilt of the X-axis.

Other points for improvement are the weight, the 3D-cnc-milled aluminium parts which it required and the dimensions of the V1 printer.

Changes V2:

  • Instead of a ball screw for the Z-axis this version will have two belts, on each side one. Driven by a geared nema17 Motor (20:1). I'm hoping that this will improve the uneven lift motion of the left and right side. Because the scissor lifts are closer connected to the motor (Z-axis) less parts can flex or twist. Belts can flex as well but I'm hoping by using two 10mm belts that this will not happen.
  • mgn7 rails are used instead of mgn12 as in the predecessor (saves weight and space, inspired by VORON V0)
  • Klipper firmware, no display.
  • Print bed will be kinematically mounted to the main frame. I Found it here.
  • only 3mm sheet aluminium will be used, thus the build / part-sourcing is easier.
  • Axial needle bearings instead of friction ones (more uniform "friction coefficient" on the two lift systems) --> maybe improves the uneven lift motion

  • Scissor-lift prototyping

    Malte Schrader07/03/2021 at 12:30 0 comments

    The design of the printer is not done yet but I built one of the scissor-lift joints which connects the arms with the printer. The arm in this prototype is just an old 3mm thick aluminium part. So it doesn't have the shape / thickness of the real one.

    In the video you can see the joint-construction. It looks reasonably stiff.

    This is a lasercut protoype of the scissor lift (arms) out of 3mm MDF. Each arm consists of two layers 3mm MDF in the real 3D printer these will be out of 3mm 7075 Aluminium. The two layers are screwed together with 10x m3 screws. Now I'm realising how small the whole printer will be. Hope that everything works as planned because every part of the printer shrank a lot compared to the old one.

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kelvinA wrote 03/07/2022 at 20:40 point

Has there been any further work on this?

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helge wrote 07/16/2022 at 07:53 point

I've seen this project a while back and was really curious about how its challenges would be overcome. I really hope it wasn't simply abandoned.

Seems the latest update is from 2022-03 :

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kelvinA wrote 07/16/2022 at 14:44 point

Cool. I wasn't expecting it to be modelled in FreeCAD.

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