Raspberry Pi Zero Action Camera

Making a GoPro like action camera using the Raspberry Pi Zero at the heart of it all

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For this project I am aiming to make a GoPro like Action camera using the Raspberry Pi Zero. The software is 100% self made and utilizes FFMPEG to do the heavy lifting of video manipulation. The camera is a modified Pi Camera v2 to have a fish eye lens instead of the standard pinhole camera. I am still in progress of building it all together and making it work! Help and feed back are very much welcome!

Current Features:

  • Record's video
  • Can stream video to outside source like Twitch
  • Can switch between being a WIFI client device and acting as a AP Host to connect to the pi directly
  • PI can server a web UI to interact with the device and edit various settings
  • Realtime camera preview

Planned TODO:

  • Add audio to recordings and streams
  • Save recordings to separate partition on SD Card to make pulling videos off easier
  • 1 command install and setup script and/or prebuilt image
  • Improved configuration

    Current Bugs/ Issues:

    • The Pi seems to somehow get it's DNS system messed up at some point breaking basically everything (like apt and streaming) that require DNS resolution to work
    • Audio from the is2 microphone does not work with the current FFMPEG setup

    • 1 × Raspberry Pi Zero
    • 1 × Raspberry Pi Camera v2 Module
    • 1 × Camera v2 Fisheye lens mod/ replacement
    • 1 × Red LED
    • 1 × Slim Button

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    • Related Project

      TurkeyDev08/08/2021 at 15:14 0 comments

      I've still been unable to fix the audio issues with the Is2 mic, but I wanted to continue with a related project that also worked with the Pi Action Camera software. I wrote up another Hackaday project for this, but tl;dr I attempted to make a real life 3rd person camera. What this does for this project though is that it allowed me to add a much more real time video system which in turns powers the preview page. Still some things to be fleshed out and cleaned up, but it's at least a little work that I other wise wouldn't have done due to still being stuck with the mic issues here.

    • Realtime Video Preview Support & Audio Issues

      TurkeyDev07/13/2021 at 18:25 0 comments

      Been working on the project the past few weeks where I find time. Currently I am having issues getting the i2s microphone to work with FFMPEG. I can capture audio from it via arecord, but ffmpeg seems to have issues. I've outlined my issues in a Stackoverflow post but I've not been able to solve he issue yet, so if you have any ideas, or know someone who may, definitely reach out. Because this issue is holding my up in this project, I've been working on a tangential project to this that uses the camera setup and from that I have implemented a real time video preview from the camera as well as a "VR" video view. Just something cool to mention and I hope to be able to continue working on the camera through that  project while I work on the audio issues. More to come!

    • Progress So far

      TurkeyDev06/25/2021 at 02:45 0 comments

      I've been working on this  project on and off slowly over the past year and documenting the progress on my YouTube, but here's the tl;dr of where I am.

      Current Features

      Currently I have video recording and streaming both working and have been tweaking video settings in attempts to tune it and give better quality. I also have a nice little UI and Dashboard that the Pi can serve to the user. To do this, the Pi can also switch between being a wifi client and an AP Server.

      Currently working on

      So this biggest thing that this project is missing is audio support. To address this I am working on adding an Adafruit I2S MEMS microphone to provide the said audio. I have run into a road block though with getting the audio to record correctly. I've made a Stackoverflow post to try and get help solving this, but tl;dr recording with the mic via arecord works, but fails to get audio with FFMPEG

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