Soldering Kirby's Dreamland back to life!

I'm not sure what exactly happened to this cart that left it unplayable with so many corroded traces but lets fix it!

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I will be the first to admit that this is an overkill repair and that swapping the board out for a donor is the obvious choice BUT I love getting an otherwise trashed PCB working again.
A lot of the traces on this PCB are so badly corroded that it ate the copper underneath it causing an open circuit, rendering the game unplayable. So lets fix it!
Each corroded trace on the top was bypassed by soldering a jumper wire further down the trace. In order to solder the jumper wire some of the solder mask had to be removed to reveal the copper that would allow for a solder joint with the jumper wire down to the golden finger contacts. Some traces led to damaged vias that had to be repaired by feeding the jumper wire through it and jumping the damage on both sides of the PCB which is something that was missing from my last Gameboy game repair. After all the traces were repaired, the components were soldered back on followed by a heavy coat of conformal coating for protection.

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