an 6809 system with expansion bus

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This is the successor of the Scrumpel8b. It has more RAM and I/O in unused part of the ROM.
In stead of glue logic a gal22v10 is used. All software for Scrumpel8a/b could be used for this Scrumpel with a small modification of the PPORT and ACIA addresses. These need to be changed into $CF20 (PPORT) and $CF00 (ACIA). The gerbers and schematic diagram can be found at github.

This version is expandable and has the following specs:

  1. 48 Kbytes RAM $0000-$BFFF
  2. 16 Kbytes ROM $C000-$FFFF *
  3. 256 Bytes I/O
  4. One serial port 115200 Baud 8N1
  5. On  board 8 bits Parallel I/O port

On the bus two extra addresses for I/O are predecoded.

On board I/O

  • Serial ACIA 68B50 $CF00
  • Paralllel I/O $CF20

*IOSEL is active from $CF00-$CFFF


  • CSAUX $CF60
  • CSPIA $CF40

For other info look at Scrumpel8a/8b project.

Here an example screen output of my dos09 operating system for the 6809

The OS is running in 16K RAM from $8000 to $BE00 and knows only one disk of 1.3 MB.


A foto of the CF card used in Scrumpel8d

JPEG Image - 1.07 MB - 07/18/2022 at 12:11



A dump of my cf-card on scrumpel8d

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 130.54 kB - 03/09/2022 at 19:25



Schematic of the CPU board

Adobe Portable Document Format - 170.72 kB - 02/25/2022 at 14:10



The bus connector description.

plain - 449.00 bytes - 01/12/2022 at 06:49


  • 1 × CPU 68B09E CPU
  • 1 × 74HCT73 Logic ICs / Flip-Flops, Latches, Registers
  • 1 × 68B50 ACIA
  • 1 × ATF22V10 6809addresdecoder
  • 2 × 74HCT32 Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components

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  • 1
    Positioning of the LEDS POWER, RESET, TXD, RXD and RUN

    The square pad on the PCB indicates the Cathode side of the LED. Long leg of LED is the Anode.

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Nick Brok wrote 03/20/2022 at 05:43 point

Unfortunately no one could help me with some FAT Filesystem Code in 6809 assembly. (I found some, but those where written in C.) I've written a simple OS on my own. Because of the less memory I have for the OS (16KBytes of RAM 32K for program-space) it's using only one slice of the CF-card. In that slice I can place 1,3MB of data. I use big buffers for file allocation (2560 sectors) and the root directory (8 sectors). The OS can be used, but it's not earning any prizes. :-(

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Peabody1929 wrote 03/19/2022 at 19:10 point

Tell me more!  

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Nick Brok wrote 03/05/2022 at 18:52 point

Just received my IDE adapter for Scrumpel8d. It works!

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