Ubiquitous Secure Communications

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A device for peer to peer communications that should be resistant to censorship and snooping.

Most "secure" communications systems are designed with efficiency in mind not privacy.  Privacy is not necessarily efficient, and to that end FairyNet is not designed with efficiency as a priority, it is relegated to the level of nice to have.  The basic concept of a FairyNet node is to shuffle encrypted data packets to other FairyNet nodes and allow the connected device to winnow out the chaff and keep the grains of goodness.

  • 1 × ST Micro STM32F4 Discovery Board ST Micro STM32F4 Discovery Board

  • Won't Be Able To Enter.....

    Goibhniu08/21/2014 at 06:49 0 comments

    Software issues on my desktop are not letting me upload a video so goodbye prizes......

  • Just Part Of The Solution

    Goibhniu08/21/2014 at 06:47 0 comments

    FairyNet is just the beginning of my idea. The end goal is ultra-secure capability computing and capability communications.  IF I had the hardware i would be implementing a capability processor to use the FairyNet stack.

  • Changes in the wind.....

    Goibhniu08/21/2014 at 05:42 0 comments

    As i have started to lay out the code and hardware for this project I have come across new and perhaps better toys for implementing the FairyNet.  I have a few ar9331 boards on order since they are cheaper than the STM Discovery and have a bit more horsepower.  I am still building the STM32 based node as the idea is to make FairyNet as cheap to deploy as possible

  • Collecting Fairy Dust

    Goibhniu08/21/2014 at 05:39 0 comments

    I have been amassing RF modules till I have a pile on my bench that look like coins on scrooges counting table.

  • The Beginning

    Goibhniu08/21/2014 at 05:37 0 comments

    The basic idea of FairyNet has been rattling around in my skull for a few decades. This contest just provided the impetus to bring it into the physical world. I have been evaluating embedded OSs to put the software stack on and looking for something that was as free as could be.  Like it or not the GPL/LGPL/AGPL don't fit the bill.  I want this sucker to be embedded into cars and mailboxes and lunch pails. So BSD license it is.

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