Few people are scared of Halloween monsters anymore. What people really find disturbing are normal looking objects doing things they should not. Antique dolls are so old you know for a fact the original owner is dead. And gone. 

One thing they don't do is emit an unearthly pulsing light in changing colours, as if possessed by some disembodied energy.

Unless of course you put such a light in there.  Fortunately you can find such things in cheap colour-changing mood lamps.  One quick transplant later, and you can create a far different mood than the original makers intended.

Finding a suitable head is a bit tricky, since most broken dolls are thrown away and in any case are likely to be some grinning plastic Barbie. I bought mine from an antique doll parts seller on eBay. 

They say that eyes are the windows of the soul, so no eyes implies no soul. Which is good for this project.

The ceramic was not as translucent as I hoped for. The whole head glowed but not as bright as I'd like. Perhaps it would be lighter when seen by dark-accustomed eyes.

The lamp used three tiny coin cells. You may wish to connect a bigger power source for longer running.

I hope you enjoy your experiments making your own abominations...