E-Ink Pen Holder

Displaying Quotes in a Pen Holder using E-paper Display

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Using a 3.7 inches e-paper display.
E-paper Esp32 driver board
Micro USB cable
Micro USB breakout board
Epoxy resin and a pen holder mold
I used the demo code to just add random quotes displayed once the board gets power.
This is like phase 1 prototype.
The code will be on the GitHub page
It is a bit missy now but I’m sharing an Idea and not the code ,
Feel free to fork the code or start over with your own implementation.

Then I poured the epoxy resin in multiple iterations . first a transparent layer to you can see the epaper panel

hen after a few days, I connected the driver board and tried to connect using an usb type c adapter but I ended up using the micro usb cable . I added the second layer of the epoxy resin.

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morgan wrote 12/03/2021 at 18:30 point

very cool!

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