"Mom is coming" Notifier

Can't get notified the cases of storming the room? Ok! I gonna help you via "Mom is coming" notifier project with the help of 1Sheeld. :D

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when someone approaching the room, your phone will notify you with "vibration" & saying "Mom is coming".

I make a project using Arduino, Ultrasonic sensor and 1Sheeld (which allows you to tap into your smartphone's sensors and capabilities and lets you use them in your Arduino projects. Basically, It is a hardware shield that sits on top of your Arduino board and communicates over Bluetooth to 1Sheeld app, to transfer data between it and your smartphone.)

Step 1: Materials


1- Arduino board

2- 1Sheeld and Android Smartphone/Tablet

3- Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04

4- Jumper wires (Male to Female)


1. Arduino IDE (you can download from

2-You need to download and place 1sheeld library and 1Sheeld app from here:-

3- Download Ultrasonic library from

Step 2: Code

Download it directly from"Mom is coming" GitHub repo

or c&p


//Connect SRF 04 to 1Sheeld like this:

//Vcc >> +5 ..... Tri >> digital pin #12 .... Echo >> digital pin #13 .... GND >> Gnd

#include <VibrationShield.h>




/* Include 1Sheeld library. */

#include <OneSheeld.h>

/* This pattern waits for 1 second and vibrate for 2, 3 times. */

int pattern[6] = {1000,2000,1000,2000}; int patternSize = 6;

#include "Ultrasonic.h"

Ultrasonic ultrasonic(12,13);

int distance;

void setup()


/* Start communication. */

OneSheeld.begin(); }

void loop() {


// I make detection distance < 50 ... but you can change it as you want From 2cm to 400 cm

if (distance < 50)


/* Vibrate as the first pattern once. */


/* Wait for 3 seconds. */


/* Stop the vibration. */


TextToSpeech.say("Mom is coming");



Step 3: System Diagram >> Link it up

1-Install 1sheeld app on your smart phone. (you can install it directly from Play Store).

2-Connect the 1sheeld over the arduino board.

3-Connect the Ultrasonic sensor HC-SRF 04 to 1Sheeld like this:

//Vcc >> +5 ..... Tri >> digital pin #12 .... Echo >> digital pin #13 .... GND >> Gnd

4-Download 1 sheeld library into Arduino IDE.

5-Write the code on Arduino IDE after adjusting the detection distance from 2cm to 400 cm( I make it if < 50), connect Arduino board to PC and upload the code into Arduino board.

(Hint: Take care about Upload mode and Operating mode of the 1 sheeld board also Arduino UNO working on 5V).

6-Connect 1sheeld mobile app to 1sheeld board, select the required sheelds(vibration - text to speech) from 1sheeld app, and make a test.


Congratulations, Now you do it yourself... :)

Any comments and suggestions will be welcome.



Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 178.25 kB - 11/20/2016 at 17:14


  • 1 × Arduino
  • 1 × 1Sheeld
  • 1 × Ultrasonic HC-SR04
  • 4 × Jumper wires (Male to Female)
  • 1 × Smart phone

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    Step 1

    If this is your first time using 1Sheeld, I recommend you start with the getting started tutorial first to know how to use 1Sheeld.

    For more advanced projects ... from here

    To order 1Sheeld ...from here

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Any comments and suggestions will be welcome.

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