This project main target is to make your smartphone say the color of anything using just your smartphone and 1sheeld with Arduino.

this project uses the color sensor shield from 1sheeld app this shield uses the camera of your smartphone to get the color of the object In front of it as an RGB value and sends this value to the Arduino

then the Arduino compare between these values and the values of the colors when it finds a match it sends the name of the color to your smartphone then the phone say the color name using the Text to speech shield

This project will be very helpful for people who suffer from blindness or color blindness especially when they want to know the color of their clothes.

Step 1: About 1SHEELD and Arduino

Arduino is an open-source platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It is intended for anyone who has an idea for a project and wants to bring it to the real life. To make a project with Arduino you need to buy some accessories to connect your Arduino to the real world, these accessories are called shields. 1SHEELD is a shield that allows you to use your smartphone as an Arduino shield like GSM, WIFI, Gyroscope, etc.

The main advantage of 1SHEELD is that it replaces all other shields with just your smartphone and saves you a fortune. It connects the Arduino to your smartphone using the Bluetooth and it gives you the ability to use more than shield at a time like GSM, WIFI, Accelerometer, Gyroscope etc.

1sheeld -

Step2: Adjust 1Sheeld

If you use an Arduino that works with 3.3 V like Arduino due you must switch your 1Sheeld to operate on 3.3V since it may damage your board.

If you use an Arduino that works with 5 V like Arduino Uno then switch your 1Sheeld to operate on 5V.

Place your 1Sheeld on your Arduino board then plug the Arduino to your laptop or PC.

If you use an Arduino mega then connect your 1SHEELD to the mega as shown in the image

Step 3: download the 1sheeld application

For android smartphones, download the application here

For iOS, smartphones download the application from here

Step 4: download 1sheeld library to your computer

Download the liberty from here

Then, after you successfully downloaded the library, add the library .ZIP file to your Arduino program

Step 5: Write your code inside Arduino sketch


/* Include 1Sheeld library. */

void setup() {
  /* Start communication. */

  /* Set the color detection palette to get only 8 different colors instead of the default 16 million. */


void loop() {
  /* Check if there's a new color received. */
  if( PushButton.isPressed())
    /* Read the last received color and save it locally. */
    Color readColor = ColorDetector.getLastColor();

    /* Get red, blue and green components values. */
    byte redValue = readColor.getRed();
    byte greenValue = readColor.getGreen();
    byte blueValue = readColor.getBlue();
/* indentify the color using the values of red ,green,and blue and say the color name  */
void colorName(byte redvalue,byte greenvalue ,byte bluevalue)
      if (redvalue== 0 && greenvalue== 0 && bluevalue == 0)
     else if (redvalue== 0 && greenvalue== 0 && bluevalue == 85)
     else if (redvalue== 0 && greenvalue== 0 && bluevalue == 170)
         TextToSpeech.say("dark blue");
     else if (redvalue== 0 && greenvalue== 0 && bluevalue == 255)
     else if (redvalue== 0 && greenvalue== 85 && bluevalue == 0)
         TextToSpeech.say("dark green");
     else if (redvalue== 0 && greenvalue== 85 && bluevalue == 85)
     else if (redvalue== 0 && greenvalue== 85 && bluevalue == 170)
 else if (redvalue== 0 && greenvalue== 85...
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