Added a checksum generator to the monitor. This brings the code size just over 2 kByte.

ZMC80 Computer                  2015 MCook
 adaptation to MPF-1 / Z80 DART 2022 F.J.Kraan
Monitor v0.4, ROM: 2000h DART: 60h

         Input ? for command list
ZMC80 Monitor Command List
? - view command list
C - clear screen
D - print 100h bytes from specified location
E - edit bytes in memory
F - fill memory range with value
G - jump to memory value
M - copy bytes in memory
P - print port scan (00-FF)
R - monitor reset
S - calculate checksum for memory range
+ - print next block of memory
- - print previous block of memory


The original ZMC80 monitor can be found here: