Product Specifications

Type: Resistor (Carbon Film)
Architecture: For all electronics
Style: CFR 50
Resistance: 10KΩ
Tolerance: ± 5>#br###Wire Type: Copper Plated
Lead Reading: RoHs Lead Free
Temperature Coefficient: ± 350 ppm/°C
Short Time Overload, Temperature Cycling and Resistance to Soldering Heat: ± (1% + 0.05Ω) maximum, without any evidence of any mechanical damage
Variants: Normal or Non-Flame Type
Insulation Resistance: 10,000MΩ (minimum)
Solderability: 95% coverage (minimum)
Load Life: < 56KΩ: ± (2% + 0.05Ω) maximum
Load Life in Humidity: < 100KΩ: ± (3% + 0.05Ω) maximum

Operating Voltage: 350 volts (maximum)
Operating Current: Can vary depending on voltage
Power Rating at 70°C: 1/2W (0.5W)
Maximum Overload Voltage: 700 volts
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 700 volts

Weight and Size Dimensions
Product Weight: 0.3g
Product Size (L x W x H): 52 x 3.5 x 3.5 mm
Lead Diameter: 0.54 mm
Resistor Capsule Dimensions (L x W): 10 x 3.5 mm

Product Review

As a basic passive component, this resistor component has some very obvious plus points to its construction and manufacturing and once it is used, it demonstrates these factors, which may include:
1. The good packaging and shipping which came with getting this resistor pack (10 resistors), it was wrapped with bubble wrap and was delivered to my address safely. Tayda Electronics uses DHL as their shipping method, so the shipping was very quick and efficient to use.
2. It's high working/overload voltage limit, which can help when working with a wide range of electronic/electrical devices and circuits.
3. The slightly higher power rating, which is 1/2W, compared to 1/4W in most resistors. This factor can be a plus point when working with higher voltages and current.
4. The cheap price for a pack of 10 resistors ($0.15) or a single resistor ($0.015) with it's high quality manufacturing and good resistance accuracy as well.
5. The solderability coverage (95%) for the resistor to be soldered into any pad, its legs fit into a PCB hole easily, making solder and heat transfer better.
6. The good lead quality, with a RoHs Lead Free lead reading, so the resistors are not toxic or dangerous to your health at all, whether you are soldering it onto a PCB board or putting a high current through the component.

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