RC fishing boat

This is a radiocontrolled reproduction of a tipical italian fishing boat, completely hand made from the design to the building.

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I've always been fascinated from the particular shape, operating enviroment and story of this boats, so I decided to build my own little one, it is a realistic reproduction of a typical italian fishing boat called in italian marine jargon "gozzo".
I decide to create my model with the same technique and, where possible, materials with which the real ones are built.
The boat has a traditional hull consisting of keel and ribs carved in balsa wood covered with solid walnut and mahogany slats as the real ones, it has a length of about 0.8m.
A lot of component starting from the motor mount up to the fishing light were design using Fusion CAD and 3D printed.
After the boat realization I've decide to make it radiocontrolled and a bit "smart" including an Arduino board to control lights in order to make it more realistic.
Also the inetrior was reproduced as the real one, I've added oars, fishing nets and all a real fishing boat needs and obviously the f

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