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Application that receive data and show degrees of Avalanche Risk around systems of detection. Additionally, warns users through a wristband

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The application will be made for phones. It should have two main modes.

Mode 1 : Information

The application will display what degree of risk of avalanche a mountain area has. If an avalanche happens at the moment the app is used, it will immediately be displayed.

In order to be aware of avalanche risks in real time, the app is connected wirelessely to multiple sismometers present in designated mountain areas. This way, the rsik of avalanches will be calculated in real time.

Mode 2 : Watcher

Before going out skiing, the user input in the app the location of their ski session. In that case, the app will stay cconnected to the sismometers posted in the area chosen by the user. When high risks of avalanche are detected, the app will immediately warn the user through vibrations or sound. (Alternatively, we plan to add a wristband for warnings. It would be connected to the app and when a warning has to happen, the wristband wil vibrate instead of the phone. This way the user can be easily warned even in the middle of skiing where checking their phone isn't easy)

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 4.46 MB - 07/06/2022 at 15:29


  • 1 × Arduino microcontroller
  • 1 × ultrasound distances sensors allows to detect avalanche risks. Can also work with infrasounds.
  • 1 × LED will serve as the warning method for the wristband
  • 1 × resistance 220 ohm
  • 6 × wires

  • Project Log entry 06/07/2022

    maxime.sauvage07/06/2022 at 15:31 0 comments

    Maxime finished the schematic of the road mapping for the projects.

    Alex finished simulating the techinical project on Tinkercard.

    We also completed the Hackaday page and the detailed work document.

    Finally we work together on presenting the project as a whole to other people.

  • Project Log entry 05/07/2022

    maxime.sauvage07/06/2022 at 14:33 0 comments

    Alex looked to simulate the project on Tinkercard and was able to make a preview of the warning mode for the app and wristband when the app detects a signal significating a high risk of avalanche. 

    Meanwhile Maxime created the Hackaday page for the project with logs from previous days of work and details of the project. Maxime also added on the group Drive a documentcontaining every info necessary for an examination of the project.

    For the next session we set out to continue working on the simulation and 
    making schematics.

  • Project Log entry 04/07/2022

    maxime.sauvage07/05/2022 at 13:45 0 comments

    We worked over the solution again. Now in addition to the phone app, we though of making a connected wristband. As a technical project, it would have to be connected to the phone app. If the user is present in an area that the app detect to be "with risks of avalanche", then the app would send a signal to the wristband and it would start to vibrate, hence warning easily the user even if they would be skiing at that moment.

  • Project Log entry 03/07/2022

    maxime.sauvage07/05/2022 at 13:44 0 comments

    We started putting together a solution and made a quick Power Point in order to present our idea to other people that might help us on the subject. The idea at this point is to make a phone application to indicate avalanche risks in different areas. The way to detect risks would be through seismometers.

  • Project Log entry 01/07/2022

    maxime.sauvage07/05/2022 at 13:42 0 comments

    Maxime joined the project. Over the week-end he searched information on the web on how avalanches are commonly prevented. Both of us thought about possible solutions to the problem.

  • Project Log entry 30/06/2022

    maxime.sauvage07/05/2022 at 13:42 0 comments

    Alex had the idea of starting a project about warning skiers of avalanche risks. He then proceeded to define a persona for a user and a problem statement.

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