I am an Electrical Engineering graduate student who also likes working on small, hobbyist projects.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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This user joined on 09/29/2015.

Things I've Built

Data Acquisition with Zynq + FreeRTOS+TCP/IP Stack

Using the Avnet Zedboard with several peripherals, audio is sampled, stored, and then transmitted over Ethernet.

Autonomous (Model) Lawnmower Project

An autonomous RC car, intended to autonomously traverse in a path similar to how one would cut his / her lawn.

Android-controlled Arduino Car

Built a remotely controlled car with an arduino, a few servos, and an app programmed over an Android phone.

IEEE SAC 2015 Sumo

A few other students and I worked together on a "sumo" robot to participate in a competition.

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Hari Wiguna wrote 08/17/2016 at 04:36 point

Hello again Andrew!
Thanks for following one of my projects!
PS: I need to get me one of those sumo robots.  They look so adorable!

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andrew.powell wrote 08/17/2016 at 13:08 point

No problem! P.S. They're tremendously cute! Right now mine is having a bad hair day, though :(

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