Sweet 4x4

A 4x4 macro pad designed to be used with the Fri3d 2022 badge or XIAO / QtPy boards.

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This kit is part of the workshop organized by Dries at Fri3d Camp 2022 which teaches people to build their own macro pads or mechanical keyboards.

This 4x4 keypad is designed transform the Fri3d Camp 2022 Badge in a configurable bluetooth keypad. They PCB design has some nifty features built-in. The left most corner contains a diode bending corner, making sure that your diodes have their leads bent in the right spot will help during assembly. The other useful feature if a built in lube station. The X cutout will snugly fit a stem whilst the rectangular hole will fit the body the switch you're cleaning.

Fully Assembled board with keycaps

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    Make sure you have all parts.

    Before doing anything else, make sure you have all parts:

    • 16 diodes (1N41482)
    • 16 switches (cherry MX compatible, 5 pin ideally - but 3 pin will work too)
    • 16 keycaps
    • 3 resistors (10K)
    • 1 Fri3d Camp 2022 badge or 1 XIAO/QTpy board

    Optionally, depending on what you want to do

    • 2 rotary encoders (with or without button fuctionality)
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    Prepare your components

    Use the diode bender in the corner of the PCB to bend the leads of the diodes. 

    The resistors are only required when you're using rotary encoders.

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    Start soldering!

    Preheat your soldering iron to your desired temperature and start soldering the lowest parts first. In this case that will be the diodes and resistors.

    The boards supports hot plug sockets for MX switches, if you have those on hand, now would be the time to solder them on the bottom side of the board. Otherwise you can just solder your switches on the PCB

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