Big Clock

A portable enormous digital clock for a computer arts festival

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The clock survived few years of travel between my home and the partyplace. In its core it is an atmega8 chip + 6 shift registers that drive the lights directly. The clock outputs constant light with no flicker. There is a way to connect external signal source to display various figures on the lightboard.

Device is powered by LiPo battery, thus fully portable.

No schematics yet. Just beleive me, it is a 6 shift registers (74hc595) connected in series, and an MCU that pushes bits into them.

There is a MCU firmware that I made, if you want you can use some code parts from there, the asm file is downloadable from files section.

There is no software emulation done by me, the firmware was tested on the real device.


asm - 8.92 kB - 09/08/2022 at 20:33


  • The story of this clock

    dearuserhron09/08/2022 at 22:27 0 comments

    Every hacker should build a clock at some point of his/her life. Here is mine. You can grab the firmware in files section (see big_clock.asm).

    I want to tell the story. When I was a kid, I was studying piano in Moscow. Each day I have to travel to school via underground trains. Moscow underground railroad system was always thrilling me. It was build with empire architecture style in mind, so it got a lot of stone detailing, mosaic pictures, sculptures. It's a complete piece of art combined with automatics, heavy machinery, trains, signalling, other tech stuff. Pretty impressive. And there should be a big clock. They are installed at the beginning of the platform. They show real time and also a time elapsed since last train passes near the clock.

    Why I wanted these clock on a demoscene festival? What is demoscene then? I do not know for sure for now.

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