Part-DB "NextGen"

Upgrade the Part-DB part database with new technology.

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Part-DB is an Open Source Web application, which allows you to manage your electronics parts stock and save infos like footprints or describtions about them.
Because the original version uses some legacy techniques like Framesets and is not very mobile compatible, I decided to improve Part-DB.

In this projekt the "old" Part-DB will be updated using Bootstrap 3, JQuery and Smarty.

The features of the "new" Part-DB (including the already existing ones):

  • Save description, footprint, store location, order informations and more to your part
  • Full Text search in your Parts
  • Visualize your footprints with pictures (included) and/or 3D-Models (using the ones from KiCAD)
  • Export and import your parts into/from XML and CSV
  • Mark your parts for ordering and export a order list
  • Calculate the value of your parts
  • Localization support (in the old version strings were hardcoded german)
  • Responsive UI
  • Compatible with PHP 7
  • Customizable label generator (with support of QR-Codes and Barcode)
  • User and fine granular permission system
  • Fileattachents for parts
  • Natural sorting of parts (with consideration of SI-Prefixes, like kOhm or MOhm)
  • BBCode support in Parts comment and description
  • Generation of part properties, from part's comment and/or description
  • Support for search via Regular Expressions
  • Regex filters for Part names (per category)
  • Live search with highlighting
  • [Planned] Automatically get parts description from Octopart

If you want to test Part-DB without installing it, you can try the online demo:

On GitHub you can find instructions to install Part-DB:

PS: Please excuse some german words in the screenshots: Some strings are not translated yet, and my database is mostly in german.

  • User system

    Jan B.09/24/2017 at 19:35 0 comments

    Hello everyone,

    I have the user and permission system for Part-DB ready (and I improved the english translation).

    You can test the user system here:

    When you are not logged in, you can only read part information and dont make any edits. If you want to test edit mode, then login with  username "user" and password "user" (without quotes).

    I would happy if you would test it and give me some feedback.

  • Demo ready!

    Jan B.12/11/2016 at 17:00 0 comments

    Hello everybody,

    Under you can find an demo of the current version of Part-DB. I think all functions are working except that the mobile view is not really beautiful now, but it should work well enough that you can try it out.

    When you find an issue or wish some feature, write it in the comments or open an ticket at

    PS: Please apologize the german words in the demo database.

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Jarrett wrote 01/04/2017 at 20:08 point

I want you to know that I'm still following this!

Plan on setting up an instance fairly soon and giving it a shot. I don't like any of the other options I've found for component management

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