I have always loved displays, I like anything that emits light and it is controllable, so I have created this new display that consists of the representation of “Cistercian” numbers, this single digit is capable of representing a number from 0 to 9999.

The easiest way to make a display is with individual LEDs, so the design is based on 7 segments displays that we all know and several reference pictures and representations that I have seen, that is how I import those shapes to a PCB and added some 0805 LEDs for the first prototype and serial RGB LEDs after that.

For the second prototype, the controller that I have decided to use is a simple serial-to-parallel converter from LUMISIL embedded in the same PCB routing fewer pins to the castellated holes and making it easier to use overall and also has the possibility to set a custom constant current source for the LEDs.

And after this I decided to build an RGB version using some 2x2mm SK6812 RGB Serial LEDs also known as Neopixels.

For the display segment definition, I have designed some 3D printed parts, a spacer, a diffuser layer, and a display body case. These parts can be printed easily with any FDM 3D printer, I have used Black Glitter PLA for the spacer and body case and white PLA for the diffuser.

I have uploaded the Gerber for these boards at my GitHub if you want to make one or you can also buy one at my Tindie Store.

Let me know in the comments how would you use this display.