Software defined radio based on ZYNQ and AD936x.

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The ANTSDR-E200 development board is a hardware platform for SDR applications, such as srsRAN, openwifi, gnuradio and so on. Based on the ADI's AD936x and Xilinx's ZYNQ-7020, it offers 2 receive channels and 2 transmit channels which can be operated in full duplex, capable of generating or measuring RF analog signals from 325 to 3800 MHz, at up to 61.44 Mega Samples per Second (MSPS) with a 20 MHz bandwidth.


ANTSDR E200 is inspired by PlutoSDR and Ettus USRP B200. ANTSDR-E200 could support iio driver and uhd driver with different firmware.

The CPU of PlutoSDR is ZYNQ, which contains dual ARM cortex-A9 cores. This is an embedded SDR platform. The user's SDR application can run directly on the ARM without an additional host computer. Ettus USRP B200 is not an embedded SDR device, the USRP B200 must work with the host computer. ANTSDR-E200 also uses ZYNQ as the processor, which means that ANTSDR-E200 can work like PlutoSDR. In fact, we have ported the open-source firmware of PlutoSDR to support ANTSDR-E200, which makes ANTSDR-E200 work like PlutoSDR.

Although PlutoSDR has the advantage of being able to work independently of the host, but if user wants to obtain the IQ data from the baseband on the host computer, USB2.0 interface between host and PlutoSDR limits the transmission bandwidth, the maximum transmission bandwidth of USB2.0 is 480Mbit. Meanwhile, USRP B200 uses USB3.0 to transfer IQ data to the host. USB3.0 can support a maximum transmission bandwidth of 5Gbps. In addition to bandwidth limitations, the default firmware of PlutoSDR does not have a timestamp function, which means PlutoSDR can't work with timestamp SDR applications such as srsRAN. ANTSDR-E200 adopts 1Gb ethernet, the speed of Ethernet is between USB2.0 and USB3.0, and we have also ported UHD firmware to ANTSDR-E200, which makes ANTSDR-E200 work like USRP B200. In the UHD firmware, we use the UOE (UDP Data Offload Engine) to increase the bandwidth of the Ethernet.

Visually speaking, having an ANTSDR-E200 is equivalent to having both PlutoSDR and USRP B200 at the same time. With the Ethernet interface of ANTSDR-E200, you can easily use a network switch to deploy ANTSDR-E200 to the remote end.

Block Diagram


UHD based apps

Using UHD to communicate with devices.

Using GQRX to receive FM radio.

srsRAN :

IIO based apps

Using ADI oscilloscope to sweep wide band LTE signal.


open source

You can find the UHD based firmware and host driver here:

You can find the IIO based firmware here:

You can find the reduced version of schematic here:


We will try to crowdfund this product on the crowdsupply.

  • 1 × ZYNQ7000 xc7z020clg400-2
  • 1 × AD9363 RF transceiver
  • 1 × RTL8211F Ethernet chip

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ehntoo wrote 03/04/2023 at 16:37 point

How is RF performance compared to the ANTSDR E310? I see the ANTSDR E200 does not have switchable baluns.

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魏朝臣 Chaochen Wei wrote 05/24/2023 at 04:12 point

We used a wide band baluns on E200. Compared to E310, we mainly optimized the power supply part and reduced the impact of the power supply on the RF.

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sup wrote 12/15/2022 at 21:21 point

meybe add lipo power socket on board ? and meybe a small screen and few keys, rotor | knob

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魏朝臣 Chaochen Wei wrote 12/16/2022 at 01:21 point

There may not much space for this board think, but there are 8 GPIOs, spi oled or other devices may connect to these pins.

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sup wrote 06/23/2023 at 12:48 point

look this board

it was little to and have power

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