Local server collection of IoT system with some additional futures. Works by default offline, based on .deb .npm .pipy

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Basic set of apps, scripts, steps to make to have local IoT server running on your android / debian base system. You can call it HMI like solution but opensource.
By using mature software: linux, dpkg, python, mysql, mosquitto, nodejs, Node-RED and others. Is bringing you logic and nice way to manage your things in your system. Debian package IoT

Instructions at:
and check logs section ....

Imagine your boat has an onboard computer that has access to all the information about the boat you wish it to have and displays it in the way you wish it too. For a lot of sailors it sounds futuristic and/or expensive, but this is exactly what oiyshTerminal was created for. The software part's free and open-source and the hardware can be created easily and cheaply* or also for free. The basic functionality requires only a smartphone or any system with dpkg on it. We provide the base puzzles that you can either use as is or modify to your liking.

OiyshTerminal is not a black box solution. Depending on which functionalities you choose to implement you will need to put some of the pieces of the puzzle together. This is done on purpose as we believe that everyone with minimal amount of effort, regardless of the level of technical knowledge they have, is able to do it. This approach ensures that you have at least basic knowledge of the system you are using. It will give you at minimum the ability to troubleshoot it if needed and perhaps also enough confidence to explore further and expand the system to your specific needs.

If you are not willing to put in the minimal effort this is probably not a project for you and we hope you can afford 'off the shelve solutions' and their installation fees.

  • 1 × Or Ubuntu / dpkg linux system to start it as a repository in apt
  • 1 × Or Device with android phone / tablet

  • @otcpp in python to c lib for python

    yOyOeK105/04/2023 at 02:32 0 comments

    By using `@otcpp` as decorator python It's making a c libary importable / from global variable. Build real .c file gcc it. definition of function / method / is yyy funny but :P

    as a draft

  • Some time now : moving to repository

    yOyOeK104/10/2023 at 13:04 0 comments

    Yes it was some time since I post some updates about OiyshTerminal on hackaday. I was focus on writing / conceptualizing. I decided I will not fragment more my time. 

    It's nothing else as duplicating same information showing up on github so 

    If you are interested in project / want to engage / contribute 

    stare /  fallow repository on github and source updates / issues from there 

    link ....

  • ot-plc-phantom-to-battery-node

    yOyOeK103/20/2023 at 15:03 0 comments

    This is a experiment as a result of previews log entry. I think opening open doors is yyy for the sake of it ok. But it's open. 

    Node-RED is not 100% fit to the job but 99.9% there. So idea is to move this logic arranged with some help of custom nodes to Flows. Connecting outputs with inputs. Is what all can do. For now is at 0.0.5 version it it I have nodes in early stages of phantom-to-battery

    This tiny thing is Wow.

    Read more in depth description what is going on whit it. link... to working example

    Or Teaser

  • are we there yet ?

    yOyOeK103/19/2023 at 12:11 0 comments

    Couple of days a go I decided that I will try to implement a yss site with specks / usability of someone else then me. I don't know if you know it's a interesting project. It can change a lot it how we see HMI to give people new fingers, arms, wrist, ...... 

    Task was to make a visualization of upcoming data samples from hardware. They used UDP protocal and device is sending json'ish lines of adc channels. Have a place to trouble shoot sensors reading / over all diagnostic. Make a place to start section with ML. oiyshTerminal can help!

    With yss it's easy. I made a flow to listen to packages in udp then istore it in influxDB to have nice resolution in ms or more Then it was a meter of making .svg with two versions 4ch and 12ch. Top-ing on the cake is grafana and plots abilities. All that in less then 30 min with finally .deb made with packitso ....

    More about otdmp-open-muscle-src: link ... 

    Nice screen of it working on provided data from stored stream from file rebroadcast recapture and displayed.

    On left two devices with some fast view for data coming now from device. On right grafana with some basic plot set up to check if data in coming to this point.

    All this as a target will be access able by 

    apt install otdm-yss otdmp-open-muscle-src

    If all is good. 


    For sure the grafana dashboard will not install it self correctly (can make manually and package is comming)

    There is no grafana installer in otdm (can make manually and package is comming)

    Let me know what you think about this fast telemetry method. And if you have a project where you want to see telemetry / interaction with device / system you have let me know I'm happy / interested to check if I / oiyshTerminal can help!

  • plc in growing in my head

    yOyOeK103/16/2023 at 16:52 0 comments

    So started from some simple api to get only topics list in system now is slowly starting to be a plc in / out manager layer. 

    Image it! - drawing is helping me with finding what is where This is a big decision to make. Possibilities main blowing. One instrument set by default is working in telemetry mode. As mqtt telemetry can be. With idea of `Bundles` this is object orientated. 

    No difference if you check battery at your car in garage, rc model charger, battery in green house, .... it's a `Bundle` battery. 

    If sensors channels / topics by plc api will get name, bundle, type of value, unit, post process for data if needed. Then any multimeter site in yss can do all them not knowing from where is it's sourced. Bum Nice! 

    You want to get all possible alarms emitters in your system. One query to api.

    IoT automatized

    If plc api will collect new traffic it will be a nice source of new sensor in your system to set in up as bundle or define nicer name set units.

    Check drawing and let me know what scenario can't be managed with this... 

    More on wiki link ...

  • packitso spit out p- ..... .deb

    yOyOeK103/15/2023 at 17:42 0 comments

    Circle of this route with this one what I made is funny for me. As OT is i have mainly guts filing how what should go and fact that it's my 5'th or so attempt to normalize and fragmentation it to the POWER! with power full dependency solver in my sleeve. THX dpkg ! bash and all other perfection things !

    but circle.

    Started from camera that there was a plan to make images from time to time to have something to process. Read number from image. Things for today standard normal. This is OT and it's for off-line mainly. So. First of all https ....

    S or not to s. If https all sensors: mic, camera, gps, .... from phone I can harvest them as sensors. Imagine no installation nothing. First phone with wifi and web browser. Entering yss page then selecting that you are a source of data on this device and bum.

    new Input of .....

    this is grate but https -> to http not so good I went to point where my custom https server handler of post'ing data was rerouting from https to http to be able to communicate new data from sensor. YYY a lot of windnes.

    No https

    you with your device on your server http with your page on it no. untrusdet and u2327404$@#$@%!

    this lead to many incoming new data from many devices audio, images, gyro, gps, lumens,....

    otdmp-nrf-http-api-plc in coming for the rescue! 

    More about it link ...

  • yss-remote-camera

    yOyOeK103/12/2023 at 18:49 0 comments

    Ok nothing new. But :P

    This time you can turn any device with web browser and camera to your input data of images to do yyyyy what ever... we are at ? 

    For me is a remote camera to put it in dark corner or do timelaps...

    One of many to come devices sensors data harvesting project ....

    More about project:

  • otdm-grafana-btzoom : as some new .js in the house !

    yOyOeK103/10/2023 at 17:35 0 comments

    Grafana is really nice app. If you want to make some fast data visualization / plots / tables Grafana is your choice! But but but :P in my opinion ratio of represented data to candy eye element is not so good. In this moment otdm-grafana-btzoom is coming to the help !

    Second image is after adding new future url argument &otgOnly=2 to maximize second element on this dashboard! 

    Bum how to install link ...

  • pushing yss-project-manager baobab way

    yOyOeK103/06/2023 at 19:00 0 comments

    This one is coming as all rest with twist :P presenting your tasks as ready bannanas in baobab view style :) 

    No pressure 

    Read more about it: link...

  • otdm-yss-packitso update ...

    yOyOeK103/03/2023 at 23:01 0 comments

    Ok It can some thing now.

    Node-RED flow to .deb - no problem !

    Grafana data source to .deb - no problem !

    All updates on status of coding now updated at:

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