Hi All!

It is designed and build from scratch and some documentation work is remaining.

It is designed with FreeCAD and Design Spark Mechanical. 

Several iterations of FDM and SLA printing were done before coming to the production ready position.

Mighty Thor Behaviours :)

Our plan is to produce this robot in two color themes 1. Black Orange 2. White Orange

We are going to do ABS plastic manufacturing as soon as possible.

Please check some videos below. (Do like and subscribe please)

It comes with an android app which can control it over Bluetooth. (Below pics are not final screenshots. Old ones)

Beside the app, it comes with a powerful API which can be used to control and program your way using your favorite toolchain or controller like arduino, raspberrypi, esp32, microbit. We have designed modules for attaching these boards easily on top of robot.

Github directory will be home for the open-source part of the robot.

I will update more information in more organize manner soon..