• Week 1

    shaomichel05/02/2024 at 10:41 0 comments

    As a group of 4 students, all with their differences and specificities, one passion were uniting us all : our admiration for the franchise that is Star Wars. What's the most iconic thing in Star Wars other than lightsabers ? The droids of course, and who's the most iconic droide in the franchise, R2D2 obviously. That's we've decided to build a miniature replica of this droid.

    First of all, we've checked online for existing projects of robots building and compared it with the characterisitcs of the droid, from what we could see in the movies. By doing that, we've enumerated a list of features that we thought could be added to our robot. On the other hand, we also had to supress some other iconic features that were out of our range such as hologram projection or tazzer mode. 

    The main features we've retained and that we intend to add on our robots are : 

    - an LCD touch screen 

    - interactive sounds effects reproducing what we hear in the movies

    - 2 modes on our robot : one controlled mode using a controller, another automatic mode