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    Start by adding solder to bottom pads, if required

    At least, in my unit, it seems the fab only did the SMD soldering and used it to solder even through-hole components, but this results in sub-optimal solders:

    So my advice is to solder them properly:

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    Find the best spot to put the HDMI connector and plan accordingly

    In my case, the new HDMI connector will sit on top of the DP connector, with the flat side facing down:

    So, to be able to insert the HDMI cable without problems, I sanded/filed the bent edge of the DP connector because it was a little bit taller than the HDMI connector sheet.

    It's just a tiny bit, until you feel there is no down step when trying to slide your finger nail from the DP housing into the HDMI housing.

    Depending on your device and HDMI connector YMMV.

    If possible, use a location that blocks the use of both DP and HDMI connectors (as shown), otherwise add a label or something as a warning. Using both will short DP and HDMI sources together, and could damage some devices. You've been warned!.

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    Cut the panel

    Cut the panel according to the desired mounting position:

    It is hard metal, so do some holes if you want to save time before the final filing work.