Door Sensor Controlled Light

A custom PCB that uses a magnetic reed switch to control a lightbulb

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I have a dark pantry that needs more light, so I did what all makers do. That is, build my own instead of buying something simple. This board uses a magnetic reed switch as a door sensor. When the door is open, a relay completes the circuit and the light turns on. Because I'm using the available 120V AC, no batteries are needed. Keep in mind that this project uses high voltage and can seriously hurt you. Please don't try this project unless you know what you're doing.
  • 1 × 1µF Capacitor TDK CGA3E1X7R1E105K080AC
  • 1 × 120µF Capacitor Würth 860020473009
  • 1 × 22µF Capacitor Würth 875105444003
  • 1 × 12V TVS Diode Taiwan Semixonductor SMBJ12A
  • 1 × 1A Rectifier Diode Vishay S1J-E3_61T

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