In this project as we use an old kids toy called mindflex, originally designed to make a ball levitate using brainwaves. These toys can be found on eBay for a fraction of their original retail price (around £20 on eBay compare to £80 RRP.  The headset of this toy has a basic Electroencephalogram (EEG) chip from a company called neurosky. 

The EEG technology used in the headset works by employing 3 electrodes placed on the wearer's forehead and ears. These electrodes pick up the subtle electrical signals generated by the brain's neurons and transmit them from the headset to the Mindflex toy as voltage which powers a fan, levitating a ball.  By replacing the fan motor with a relay we can use these brainwave patterns are to trigger an automated drink pump mechanism., or anything else you can think of. With simple concentration or mental visualization, you can increase brainwave activity above your relaxed baseline to activate the beer pouring action. 


1. Gather the materials and tools required for the project, including the vintage toy with the EEG headset, relay, drink pump, multimeter, wiring materials, beanie or suitable headgear, and soldering equipment.

Mindflex Toy body, the game involved levitating a ball with a fan
Mindflex headset

 2. Disassemble the vintage toy carefully, removing unnecessary electronics and retaining the circuit board with the EEG receiver and fan motor.

Electronics inside the toy, mostly LEDs and switches

 3. Modify the EEG headset by extracting the circuitry from the toy and install the EEG headset into the chosen beanie with the LED and electrodes showing. 

4. Determining the voltage range corresponding to desired brainwave activity. Use a multimeter to measure the voltage output as brainwave activity increases or decreases. Connect a relay in place of the motor so it triggers when high brainwave activity is detected.

Fan motor speed increases and LEDs light up as brainwave intensity increases

Replaced the motor with a relay which turns on at high brainwave activity

5.  Ensure that the relay switches on when the voltage surpasses a specified threshold. Connect the relay to the drink pump mechanism, creating an on-off switch triggered by brainwave activity. 

Testing the setup by pouring some colored water

 6. Test and refine the Mind-Reading Beanie by attaching it to a jar or container of liquid for testing purposes. Use a pencil or similar object to activate the buttons on the modified EEG headset, triggering the beer pouring mechanism. Adjust the positioning of electrodes and threshold voltage as needed for optimal performance.


The Mind-Reading Beanie project offers an entertaining and innovative solution to hands-free beer pouring. By leveraging brainwave detection and control, this project combines neuroscience with practicality in a fun and interactive way. Whether you're smoking meats at a summer BBQ or seeking a unique party trick, the Mind-Reading Beanie promises to be a crowd-pleaser.