CH32V003 USB Development Board

A tiny USB-capable development board based on the CH32V003

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Apart from its size, this CH32V003 Development Board is distinguished by the fact that you can use a bit-bang USB connection with rv003usb. This means that you can use the board as a keyboard, mouse, raw HID or any other USB LS peripheral device.

This board has also a user LED, a button and an optional crystal.
Due to the 0.5" distance between the headers, it can be used very well on a breadboard.

It is currently in the prototype stage where the first boards are assembled by hand.
But you can expect a first batch that will then be for sale, more updates on that later :)

The board schematics and design is published under a Open Hardware License on GitHub.
And a big thank you to AISLER for being a sponsor for the prototypes and the first batch of PCBs!

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