• The Past, the Present and the Future

    Moldovanu Ionut09/11/2023 at 18:21 0 comments

    This projects is mostly a dream to bulld and test a radicaly new version of Clark.Vision

    While showing information to people via screens and augumented reality might be fun, it's also quite inneficient, so using  neural interfaces, such as those that send images directly to the human visual cortex, can offer advantages in terms of speed and image processing compared to traditional displays like smartphone screens or augmented reality glasses. A direct neural interface can be superior in these aspects:

    1. Speed of perception


    3. Bypassing External Hardware

    The vision is to build a new type of augumentation device that can interface sensors, data and the web directly with the visual part of the brain.

    I am aiming to procces data sent via a bluetooth connection and embedded into mild electric pulses that will excite the visual cortex in order to "hallucinate" data , shaped in the form of light pulses that the brain can learn and associate with actions, messages, numbers or complex data streams.

    Scope of the project over thenext few months will be to build the following systems:

    VISIONHUB - the hardware that will handle communication and stimulation procesess

    VISIONSTIM - the hardware the will interface the HUB with the scalp over a flex pcb.

    VISIONUP - the hardware that will manage recharging and data transfer from HUB to peripheral devices.

    VISIONSW - the required firmware for running the hardware devices.

    Minimal functionalities I am aiming for:

    Coding sms and notifications mesages from the phone into light pulses that i will be able to decode in a native way, when wearing the device.

    Optional functionalities TBD (if any suggestions please reach out to me and we will keep track)